My artwork centers on the objects we find about us every day in our lives: rocks, wood, the land, the sky and clouds, fruit, cars, bricks and so on. These objects usually get overlooked in our hurried and harassed lives. However, it is in these objects that our answers lie.
At every level of existence, from the microscopic to the infinite, there is an expression of the creative force. This is what inseparably binds us to all else, and all else to us. Yet this crucial relationship is overlooked and ignored. We continue to struggle against not only others but also ourselves.
Recognition of this connection is achieved by acceptance of the moment.
I try to express this in my artwork. I try to show the similarities of all things, and yet relish their character and texture. I try to give the viewer a space in which to slow down and examine closely; a space in which to reconnect with that which we are choosing to lose. I purposely use black and white media as a way to break the viewer out of the sensory-stunned daze in which most of us walk. There is currently a battle for brightness in our visual world, and it is not just blinding our eyes but also our minds.
Through my art, I try to point toward answers rather than complain about problems. I hope that others can feel through my work the same wonder and joy that I experience. I have grown substantially by creating this work, and I hope that others will experience their own growth by viewing my work.
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