Oftentimes artists state that their work is inspired by one or two things. I can’t claim that level of clarity or simplicity in my art, even though the objects themselves appear simple and clear. Instead, this show represents a long thought process and many influences.
Yet there are two ways I can explain my art.
The first way is a precise statement I wrote a few years back:
As the diameter of a circle increases, the arc of the edge of the circle gets shallower. If the diameter is infinite, the edge of the circle becomes a straight line. A straight line is thus the edge of infinity, and since there are an infinite number of lines in any given area, the world consists of an infinity of infinities. The end of a line is a point, or unity, so an infinity of infinities is an infinity of unities, which is simply unity. Therefore, all things are unity. My art is inspired by this inherent divinity of the world.
Sharing an artwork with others is the only way in which it becomes art. To make art is to love, and love, increasing the good of others, requires sharing. Sharing is the crux of community, so by showing my art I become a loving member of the community. I must share my art to love and hence to fully live.
The second way is what I would write today:
Look around you.
See the beauty?
Breathe it in and out and say, “Wheeeeee!”
From one comes delight. From the other comes life.
Together, it is a Delightful Life.
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